Bristol Motor Club

Bristol Motor Club – Founded in 1911 as the ‘Bristol Motor Cycle and Light Car Club’, Bristol MC has served the interests of motorsport enthusiasts in the Bristol area ever since.

In the early days activities were mainly social, but there were also competitive events, although as cars were few and far between, they were mostly motorcycle based. Several M/C members actually competed in the Isle of Man TT Races and the International 6 Days Trial, in the 1912 to 1914 period.

Between the two world wars, cars became more readily available and car competitions became more regular. Speed Trials were held at Weston-super-Mare, firstly on the beach but later moving to Marine Drive. A number of other very successful Speed Trials and Speed Hillclimbs were run in the Bristol area, as well as high profile Trials events in the Cotswold and Mendip hills.

Immediately after the cessation of WW2 hostilities in 1945, the club organised the first post-war Speed Event in August of that year at Naish Hill, near Portishead. Then in 1950 the club organised the first ever race meeting at Castle Combe, continuing until 1955 at all levels up to and including Formula 1. Other race meetings were also held at Lulsgate and Whitchurch airfields in the 1950’s and 1960’s.

In 1960 a hillclimb venue was opened at Dyrham Park in South Gloucestershire, which soon achieved British Championship status. Unfortunately the club were unable to secure a renewal of their lease when it expired in 1966 and no further events were possible. The club was however able to renew its association with speed hillclimbing in 1976, by becoming one of the clubs presenting the events this weekend.

Although the majority of those responsible for these initiatives are no longer with us, their enthusiasm, dedication and experience has been passed on to their successors, together with a pride in doing the job well.

These newer people are heavily involved at Wiscombe today and at other speed events at Castle Combe, Colerne Airfield and Llandow.

Throughout all this time Bristol MC has also continued to run high profile Trials, and other events catering for all its member’s interests, both competitive and social.