Plymouth Motor Club

Plymouth Motor Club – promotes many forms of four-wheeled motorsport, but this was not true in the early days of the Club, formed in 1908 and known as the Plymouth and District Motorcycle Club, with membership almost exclusively made up of motorcyclists. It was after the First World War that car enthusiasts started to infiltrate the ranks of the two-wheeled fraternity. Early events consisted mainly of ‘road trial’ type events for both car and bike.

1952 saw Plymouth Motor Club and Cornwall Vintage Car Club forming a partnership – Cornwall Motor Racing Ltd. – to promote racing at Davidstow circuit in Cornwall. During this circuits short history it hosted Cornwall’s sole Formula 1 race meetings until 1955. One of the many reasons for the demise of this circuit was the bad weather, which still hampers the stage rally events, which took place there until last year. Following the Second World War returning servicemen found cars were cheap and life was there to be enjoyed after the horrors of war and the Club really took off with events being held nearly every weekend throughout the season. The Club has never looked back and membership numbers around 160 motorsport enthusiasts actively competing, marshalling and officiating throughout the motorsport season.

In the modern Club, it would be fair to say that rallying, speed hill climbs and sprints are the main diet of the Club although these are not the only forms of motorsport the Club is actively involved in. As a Club affiliated to the Motor Sports Association we only promote events recognised by the governing body. In a large proportion of these events a driver could compete in a standard family saloon with no special equipment and on a limited budget. One of the biggest assets of the Club is the enthusiasm of the Club members, when the gloves are off you will find fellow competitors are friendly and helpful to others, especially when starting out.